Mission Statement

VLACC was originally founded to unify and empower the refugees of the Vietnamese diaspora, uprooted from a country mired in violence and bloodshed.

After many years of community-oriented work in Brooklyn, VLACC has seen how communities of color, the undocumented, and the elderly live like refugees in their own countries. As a refugee herself, co-founder Trinh Bui-Kokkoris understands the struggles and both the visible and invisible inequities systemically ingrained in our society.

VLACC believes in hyperlocal engagement.

We must clean our side of the street before changing the world.

VLACC believes in a hyperlocal approach. We must start where we live and work, where our friends and acquaintances are, and where we faces are remembered and names are known.

Only hyperlocal organizations have the reach goes deep into the community.

VLACC believes in inclusive engagement.

Change comes from within the individual. Only then can change resonate with families and extend to the broader community. VLACC believes in an inclusive approach using young adults, community leaders, and others in the target communities to not only benefit from our initiatives but to lead them as well.

Due to the covid-19, VLACC has initiated the “City Crisis Viability Project” (CCVP) applying the principles of our Mission Statement to all those negatively affected by the pandemic.

CCVP will aim to provide relief to seniors that are our windows to our past, the hardworking immigrants aiming for a better future, and all the families and individuals who bring intrinsic value to our city.

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