Class Schedule


Classes Offered:

Fall 2016 Schedule for Adults–12 weeks, Sept 14th to Dec 7th

Wednesdays–2 classes

1) 12-weeks Level 1 for Beginners from 7:00-9:00pm

2) 12-weeks Level 2 for Advanced Beginners/Intermediate from 7:00-9:00pm

*No classes on November 23rd*

Tuition for (adult) new students: $355 ($300 + $35 book + $20 annual registration fee):

Click on this link to pay: PAY HERE FOR NEW STUDENTS


Tuition for (adult) returning students:  $320 ($300 + $35 book + $20 annual registration fee):

Click on this link to pay:  PAY HERE FOR RETURNING STUDENTS

For Adults and Children–Sept 24th-Dec 17th


1) Adults:  Level 1 for Beginners or Advanced Beginners from 10:00am-12:00pm

2)  Children:  Mixed-level Children ages 5-12 from 10:00am-12:00pm

*No classes on November 26th*

Tuition for children:  $345 ($300 + $35 book + $20 annual registration fee)

Click on this link to pay:  PAY HERE FOR CHILDREN CLASSES

NOTE:  There will be a placement test on the first day of class, so we will place you in the appropriate class level.
Early registration:  there is a 5% discount (on basic tuition $300) if you register by Wednesday, August 31st.  If you make payment by this date, click on link below.

New Adults–$340:  PAY HERE

Returning Adults–$305:  PAY HERE

Children–$330:  PAY HERE



**Deadline for fall group class registration is 12:00pm on Wednesday, Sept 7th.  We kindly ask that you register by this date so that we can better plan each class.

Cancellation policy:  if you cancel by Thursday, Sept 8th by 12:00 noon, we will refund you the $300 tuition (minus $35 book and $20 registration fee as these are non-refundable fees).

Affordable  Private Sessions:

$320 for 8 one-hour sessions, click on link to pay:  PAY HERE

$200 for 4 one-hour sessions, click on link to pay:  PAY HERE

$60/hour for pay-as-you-go sessions

Cancellation policy (private sessions):  if you cancel after the start of your first session, we will only charge you for 2 hourly sessions and refund you the remaining sessions.  There are no refunds thereafter, but will credit you for the unused portion of the sessions which can be used within 3 months or within the current semester, whichever is longer.  If you cannot attend a planned time with your instructor, we kindly ask that you give us 24 hours’ notice or you will be charged for 1 hour of time.  This courtesy notice will give our instructors time to schedule with other students.

All our classes take place at:

The Rectory @ Most Precious Blood Church
109 Mulberry St
New York, NY  10013

We also accept checks payable to VLACC or see above links to pay online.  You may mail checks by Sept 7th to:

Trinh Bui-Kokkoris
Executive Director
Vietnam Learning, Arts & Cultural Center (VLACC)
118-122 Baxter Street, Suite 401
New York, NY  10013

If you have curriculum-related questions, please contact Hien (Hillary) Tran, Director of Vietnamese Language Program, at  Otherwise, feel free to email me with any questions.

Summer 2016

We will be offering summer classes on Wednesday nights from 7:00-9:00 from July 6 to August 24th.  Tuition is $200 + $35 for book.  (You may use the existing books if you are a returning student).

We need a minimum of 4 students per class.  Since we only have one teacher this summer and/or if we have mixed level students registered (and we don’t want to turn away any students), we will split the class into two 1- hour class, therefore making each class a semi-private.  For example, if we have 4 or 6 students registered and half the students is beginner and the other half is advanced, then we will split the class into two 1-hour class with each class having 2-3 students.  If you feel that you need extra help during the course, Hillary will be more than happy to assist you further.

We have decided that this is the best solution in order to keep tuition affordable and working with the resources that we have for this summer.  There were also requests by students to work on a more advanced level.  Students will continue to receive quality individual-level instruction by allowing our teacher to create custom-lesson plans best suited for registered students.

In-person registration for the class will take place Tuesday, June 28th from 6:30-7:30PM at Most Precious Blood Church @ 109 Mulberry St.  If you cannot make it on this date, let me know so that we can arrange an alternative time.


For more information, contact Hien (Hillary) Tran at

VLACC Vietnamese Language Program:

The purpose of the VLACC Vietnamese language program is to provide skills necessary to speak, read and communicate in a fun and nurturing class setting.  Since our class size is small, the focus is on the individual student and will cater to the overall level of students in each class.  Students will be given a class syllabus, book requirements and an assessment test on their first day of class.  Handouts will be distributed, since we will work from various sources.  Once registered for a course, students are encouraged to attend our other same-level classes to get more practice (free of charge).  Our goal is to provide a quality program focusing on individual needs.  Each class is two hours long and meets once a week.  We will accept students within the first four weeks of class.

The Vietnamese Level 1 is an introductory course designed for students who have very little or no previous experience with the language.  This course develops listening and reading strategies with an emphasis on oral and written forms of communication. The goal is to present essential vocabulary and grammar, and to develop the pronunciation, listening, reading, and writing skills necessary for basic communication and comprehension.  Customs and cultural insights are also presented for each lesson plan. Students are encouraged to read Vietnamese magazines and newspapers, to listen to Vietnamese radios and TVs, to write Vietnamese, and to converse in Vietnamese as much as possible.  It is perfect for those who are planning a visit to Vietnam or want to communicate for business purposes or simply to learn the many poetic aspects of the Vietnamese language.

The Vietnamese Level 2 class continues with the oral practice, reading, writing, grammar and cultural studies. Students will acquire a substantial amount of vocabulary and be introduced to idiomatic language and more advanced syntax.  Students are encouraged to read Vietnamese magazines and newspapers, to listen to Vietnamese radios and TVs, to write Vietnamese, and to converse in Vietnamese as much as possible.  It is designed for those who want to advance.

Each English class is limited to 15 students per class; first come, first serve, priority given to those who are in the lowest income level.  Students must attend two days per week.

Class location:  Rectory @ Most Precious Blood Church:  109 Mulberry Street, lower level (between Canal & Hester Streets in Chinatown), New York, NY  10013

ESL classes:  September to December 2015
Book/registration fee per semester:  $50

*FREE ESL Levels 1 & 2

  • Tuesdays from 2:00-4:30PM (Mixed Level 1/2–Conversational)
  • Thursdays from 9:30AM-12:00PM (Level 1/2)

**For ESL classes, call Thao Tran at 347.559.9475; for Vietnamese language program, email us at for more information**

For more information, email us at